The tech that makes this all possible

What follows are some of the things that make up this website.


I usually reach for Eleventy for my site generator, but gave Astro a shot with this site. Likewise, I tend to hand roll my style sheets or use Bootstrap, but went with Tailwind CSS here. I am pleased with both – particularly Tailwind, which is expressive and helped me from recreating the same selectors yet again in another project.


Netlify is my static website host of choice. You get so much value for so little money. Deploys are a cinch. Hooking up external APIs are, too. And you can schedule functions now, too – just like cron jobs of old!

Cloudflare provides DNS services, is a breeze to set up and provides great tools for free.

Content Management

Zero, zip, zilch, nada.* I've always had a soft spot for CMSs – and look at all these new headless CMSs!

But all the time I spend looking at them, learning them, and building a site toward their way of doing things takes away time from actually launching this website.

* The journal posts are written in a local copy of WordPress because it's easier to write, revise, and spellcheck there.

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