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About me

20 years of web dev know-how

Hi there! My name is Nick Gehring, a developer and designer who loves to learn, take risks, and create awesome experiences online.

My current gig

As director of web services, I am responsible for all things interactive at eleventy marketing group — be it project management, design and development, or consulting on digital projects. Initially hired as an interactive designer, I have grown with the company and become a leader.

Journalist by training

The news business taught me how to research, write and think. My publications work forged my early web experiences. Each job was not a web job per se, but I added responsibilities at my own insistence, such as creating a digital studio and filming video.

Personally speaking

My home office and life are full of an eclectic mix of books, art work, cats, Legos and movie memorabilia. I am currently working on mounting 1930s-era theater seats to a platform to complement my office.

Astronaut Mike Dexter

Iconic design driven by technical curiosity

I am an experienced developer who works well in the LAMP and JAM stacks. Design-wise, I have you covered with modern HTML and CSS. As a self-taught web designer — aren’t most of us? — I can figure it out, given any new technologies or challenges.

Some of the technologies I know in icon form.

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Featured work

Stellar projects

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing businesses, clients and organizations over the years to help bring their digital dreams to reality. Here are a few of my favorites.

This illustrates a screenshot for Promote scientific achievement

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