Diagnosis: rebrand and replatform

Overhauling a health insurer's website

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The challenge

As part of a client's rebrand, we were hired to redesign and consolidate four separate domains into one. Our client's existing content management system (CMS) was hurting their productivity and holding back their business. Although we were hired to redesign the website, we knew we had to suggest a CMS change.

What I did

Before kicking off the redesign, we made a presentation of CMS alternatives, and a winner quickly emerged: HubSpot, an all-in-one, marketing centered product, which the client selected.

I believe product design centered around the user experience is key to success. When users are more comfortable with the tools they are given, they are more productive and feel empowered to make decisions.

With a CMS in place, we began the redesign process.


I helped combine and transform their websites, moving them from their arcane, difficult-to-use CMS to HubSpot, all while balancing a dizzying array of federal regulations around health care.

A search for PDFs

Insurance means documents. Although HubSpot is great for the consumer experience, the client required a specific solution for documents. Enter the “search crawler,” a simple Algolia-based app I created that crawls PDF documents and renders them searchable.

Repurposing the blog

We repurposed HubSpot’s blog engine to become a jobs site, marrying external APIs with HubSpot code.

The outcome

The redesign successfully launched. eleventy is now under a retainer to maintain the insurer’s website and help with market expansion.

The health insurer's website before the redesign/rebrand


The home page after the redesign


A custom HubSpot component that allows documents to be searched/filtered

Custom HubSpot component

That same component but with an Algolia-based search

Algolia-powered search

Industry:Health insurance

Tech:HubSpot, Vue, Laravel, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Algolia, Serverless

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