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The challenge

Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis created a framework public health and clinical scientists can use to measure the impact of their work in the real world. In early 2022, the group released a set of PDF-based tools, which assist researchers in planning, tracking, and demonstrating the impact of their research.

As the the school released these new PDFs, it determined it would need an online, interactive edition of the tools to go beyond what static PDFs could do.

What I did

Working closely with the school and a design partner, I developed a web-based application built in WordPress and Vue for the tools.

In this app, users are able to...

Creating an account on the TSBM site

Create secure accounts to track their research in the online toolkit.

The project dashboard screen

Share these projects with their colleagues and collaborate tracking their progress.

Tools share information between them

Create interconnected tools that share information with each other.

Additionally, we produced a beautiful, intuitive redesign of the Institute of Clinical & Translational Sciences website to complement the new application.

The outcome

Early feedback has been positive, but like any online product, it’s never done. In phase 2, we will be conducting usability studies with those researchers. We plan to iterate on the interface and experience as more researchers use the tools.

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